An Overview:

Condemnation law revolves primarily around the process of eminent domain. This constitutionally guarded power allows the government to take private property for public purpose, so long as “just compensation” is awarded the landowner. In North Carolina, the only hope for stopping this process is to prove that the property isn’t appropriate for the “public purpose,” which is a primary goal, but is often times unattainable. For that reason, many landowners are often left at the mercy of the government’s definition of “just compensation,” which is sadly not always so “just.” In this case, if the landowner hopes to avoid financial loss, obtaining an expert trial lawyer who specializes in condemnation law is of paramount importance.

When faced with condemnation, people are too often unaware that their actions play an integral role in their success.  For instance, all of the information you share with the government can be used against you later in condemnation proceedings. You should never take a written stance or provide the government with records, appraisals, or other relevant information without first talking to an attorney.

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