What Is Condemnation?

Condemnation is the process by which the government takes your private property for a public purpose. This means the government can take your land, home or business permanently. The power of the government to take your private property is known as eminent domain. The Takings Clause, the last clause of the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution, limits the power of eminent domain by requiring that “just compensation” be paid if private property is taken for public use.

How Can We Help You?

Whether you just heard of a potential taking of your property, or have already received an offer from the government to compensate you, we can assist you in obtaining the true value of your property from the government. Call us today and we will discuss your options and possible outcomes at no charge. If you hire us and we take your case, the deposit is yours. Our attorney fee is based only on the amount you recover which exceeds the amount deposited by the government.

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