Our Mission

The government has rights to land appropriation, but they do not have rights to setting the price for that land. “Just compensation” is never a simple matter of what the government wants to pay you for your land. Rather, that compensation should reflect a fair (not minimum) appraisal value that adequately reimburses you, the landowner, for the loss you incur as a victim of eminent domain.

Perry Fisher and Brad Stark in Office on N. Market Street Asheville

When the government takes your property, they do not consider your best interest as a property owner but, like any trader who is rarely held accountable, they work hard to get the best deal for them. At Fisher Stark, P.A. we work harder. Our attorneys are dedicated to making the government accountable, both by demanding that the initiation of eminent domain is reasonable and that, if that process is proven sound, you receive the full amount due to you for your property.

Offering a minimum value for the property you love just isn’t good enough. Our office has years of experience gathering real evidence to build solid cases that show the government the actual value of the property they took from you. When negotiation isn’t an option, we are willing and prepared to take your case to trial to close the gap between what the government says is fair and what is actually fair. You are not helpless. We’re here to negotiate on your behalf and to fight for your rights as a landowner.

If you are faced with condemnation and wonder what information you should provide the government, what questions you should ask, or what your next move should be, please contact us at (828) 505-4300 for a free case evaluation.