Attorney Profiles

Fisher Stark has a diverse staff with over half of a century of experience in the legal field. We are fortunate enough to have a wide range of eyes examining each case. We all got into the legal profession for various reasons but, beyond a genuine sense of justice, what we all have in common is a reverence for human welfare.


All of our attorneys have found ways to be active in our communities outside of the office, from advocating for victims of abuse to instituting awareness programs and supporting our local schools and churches. We hope to be embarking soon on a project that will offer local high schools opportunities to educate their students about traumatic brain injuries and to recognize those students who demonstrate the courage to keep their teammates safe and healthy. Below, you’ll find links to our attorney profiles, where you can find a little more information about our qualifications, awards, community involvement, and personal interests. We’re privileged to be a part of an excellent community.Here is more individual information about our attorneys: